What is the Compensation?

What is the Compensation?

Undergraduate Peer Mentors receive an Oregon Laurels Scholarship that pays in-state tuition up to 12 credits at the Standard Base Rate (excluding fees). They also receive a monthly Educational Leadership award. See Mentor application for this year's award. Please note that out-of-state and international Undergraduate Peer Mentors will be billed for tuition exceeding the cost of 12 in-state credits per term.

Graduate Peer Mentors are hired as Graduate Teaching Assistants and receive graduate tuition up to 9 credits at the Standard Base Rate, a portion of their mandatory fees, and a monthly stipend. All GTAs are assessed tuition at the in-state rate. More information on university-wide Graduate Assistantships is available from the Office of Graduate Studies HERE. Post-baccalaureate and certificate-only students are not eligible for the Graduate Assistantship positions; mentors must be enrolled in a degree-granting program at PSU.

What are other benefits?

Every mentor benefits in unique ways. Mentors become part of a community of scholars who help others to critically and responsibly engage in our increasingly diverse and interconnected world. Mentors gain valuable leadership experience, develop close working relationships with faculty and become even better students themselves. They also actively participate in over 70 – 100 hours of available training opportunities and may create Mentor ePortfolios as part of their professional development experience in the program. Peer Mentors can also receive independent study credits and explore research collaboration opportunities with UNST faculty and staff.

What experiences or skills do I need?

  • Have at least an overall 3.25 GPA.
  • For Undergraduate Peer Mentors: Have 90 or more PSU credits (including transferred credits) by the September they begin work.
  • For Graduate Peer Mentors: Be admitted into a graduate program. (You may be able to apply for this position if you have not been accepted yet. Please see application details. However, we can only hire those who have been admitted into a graduate program AND who are not post-bac or certificate-only students).
  • Be an excellent student and superior writer.
  • Be willing to be an "academic generalist" and approach the content of the courses in an interdisciplinary manner.
  • Have well-honed interpersonal skills and the ability to work using an equity lens within a culturally-diverse environment.
  • Have adequate to excellent technology skills (i.e., Pebble Pad, Google Suite, D2L, etc).