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About the MAPS team:

The MAPS team is an experienced group of mentors from the University Studies Peer Mentor program. MAPS members are upperclassmen and graduate students who take on responsibilities beyond the traditional role of peer and graduate UNST mentors. They work with FRINQ and SINQ students to resolve issues common to first-year, second-year, and transfer students. Members of the MAPS team are selected for their in-depth knowledge of campus resources and their ability to work through complicated concerns. To learn more about individual members of the MAPS team, please click here. We look forward to working with you!

Emergency resources:

The MAPS team does not handle emergency situations. Please utilize the following resources for urgent situations.

Campus Public Safety Office (available 24/7):
CPSO provides emergency response, emergency dispatching, and patrol services to the campus.

  • Non-emergency number: 503.725.4407
  • Emergency number: 503.725.4404

Mental Health Crisis Service (available 24/7): 503.988.4888
Provides brief crisis phone counseling and information on where to go for help.

Urgent Care:
A list of locations that provide urgent medical care in a non-emergency room setting.

Advice Nurse (available when SHAC is closed): 800.319.8245
A resource for healthcare questions and concerns when SHAC is closed)

Care Team Support Form
For students in distress or if you notice a student in distress:


Other helpful resources:


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About the form: The information you include on this form is secure and can only be accessed by the MAPS team and their supervisors. Information will be shared with relevant campus resources on a need-to-know basis.

Mentors accessing the form: you can fill out the webform for yourself or on behalf of a student.

The MAPS webform is for non-emergency concerns. For emergency situations, please see the resources listed above. Response times may vary, but we will do our best to reply within 72 hours of receiving your submission.

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